Application for Foreign Student

Undergraduate Program Only
Example:  25/02/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)
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Terms and Conditions
  1. 1. Applicants can apply online.
  2. 2. In order to apply, applicants must have completed, or be presently enrolled in their final year of Mathayom 6 or Vocational School with GPA grading system, in which they are allowed to submit their academic transcripts to apply for every faculty except for the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Architecture, and the International Program. Once the application is complete, the system will evaluate the application and be ready to announce the result immediately.
    Applicants who have completed Non-Formal Education and Vocation School must apply and take an interview exam in person at either City or Rangsit Campus.
  3. 3. Applicants must fulfill all the requirements stated by the university.
  4. 4. All the information listed in this application must be true and correct. Should the applicant is unable to fulfill any of the requirement listed, violate the rules and regulations of the application, or fill in false information, the applicant is willing to be forfeited from the application process without any dispute and the university will not provide any refund to the registration fee.
Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Applicants.
  1. 1. Applicants must have the following qualifications
    1. 1.1 Must have completed, or be presently enrolled in their final year of secondary school, the equivalent of Mathayom 6 or Vocational School or
    2. 1.2 Must have completed High Vocational School or
    3. 1.3 Must be presently enrolled in or have completed an Undergraduate Degree program and prefer to enroll in another Undergraduate Degree program that is offered by the university.
    4. 1.4 The educational institution of the applicant mentioned
      in 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 must be accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Education.
  2. 2. Must not have infectious medical conditions or any pre-existing medical conditions that could prevent the applicant and other fellow students from effectively participating in any study offered by the university.
  3. 3. Must not have bad behavior records or have been expelled from other educational institutions because of bad conduct.
  4. 4. For Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering majors in the Faculty of Engineering, applicants must have completed secondary school, the equivalent of Mathayom 6 in Science or Vocational Certificate in related fields namely, electricity, electronics, communication technology and computer.
Notice : Applicants who fall under category 1.2 or 1.3 must apply in person for the credits transfer process.

**Applications who use fake degree certificates will face legal persecution**

       Bangkok University will set an appropriate degree plan for all applicants to enable them to graduate within the period specified by their curricula. Should any applicant be unable to graduate within the specified period due to circumstances of their own making, the applicant acknowledges that their graduation may be delayed and that the university is not at fault.